Letter to the President of the Russian Federation:

When a person commits a crime and is executed, his liver also dies. This is because the liver is not a subject, it is only a part of the organism, it is condemned along with the whole organism, and not as an independent subject. If the whole society commits a crime, every member of society deserves a condemnation? According to the teachings of the Bible, he is not condemned with society, if he is a subject, and the subject differs from a non-subject in that he can be independently represented in court:

(1Cor. 11:31-32) 31 For if we had judged ourselves, we would not be judged. 32 But when we are judged, we are punished by the Lord, so as not to be condemned with the world.

The criterion of subjectivity, according to the Bible, is the ability to appeal to a court against oneself.

If the liver of a criminal could sue herself, then it would not have sued for a serious crime, but only for not being able to stop the criminal.

The people of the Russian Federation committed a violation of the Constitution: https://portonrus.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/discrimination.doc & https://portonrus.files.wordpress.com/2019/07/discrimination2.doc

Specific proposal: I propose that the President of the Russian Federation sue the citizen Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich for improper performance of official duties. In connection with the offense against him against the Constitution of the Russian Federation, a citizen of the Russian Federation, Porton Victor Lvovich, does not have the means to represent him in court on an application for compensation for the said offense. Thus, Putin did not ensure his constitutional duty of the guarantor of the Constitution, in other words, the Constitution is ignored. The issue is important as it concerns breakthrough research and other innovations.

This is an important choice: the President either does not sue himself, in which case Putin is part of a system that ignores the Constitution and human rights, and deserves moral condemnation; or sues himself, in which case Putin renounced evil. This is a political decision: to continue to be part of the system or a defender of human rights. If the decision is not made now, then, as my experience shows, the situation may begin to become infinitely more complicated, make the choice as later it may be too late. Putin, make a decision.

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