I live in Ashkelon, Shapira 58, I previously lived on Shay Agnon 32.

When I was living on Shay Agnon 32, there appeared some strange noise. Now I’m on Shapira 58, it was quiet at first, but later there was a noise.

Noise is harmful: it causes headaches for me and, apparently, for neighbors.

I guess I know the reason: several (three or more) people have told me that the water pipes in Israel are so good that I can throw toilet paper into the toilet. Apparently, this is not the case, but toilet paper in the pipes forced the owners of the building to install powerful pumps that produce noise.

Moreover, I have a suspicion that now the water supply is contaminated with water from the sewer and we are really unclean.

I won’t be throwing toilet paper down the toilet anymore.

Israeli lawmakers aren’t exactly crazy:

Article 19. The need for criminal intent
A person commits a crime only if he has a criminal intent,
(1). it is indicated that negligence is a subjective party to the
(2). the crime is classified as committed with strict
Article 20. Criminal intent
(aleph). Criminal intent – awareness of the nature of the act, the existence
of circumstances and the possibility of causing the consequences of the act relating to
the characteristics of the crime, and in relation to the consequences is also one
of the following:
(1). intention – in order to cause such consequences;
(2). negligence, expressed in one of the following:
(aleph. indifference – indifferent attitude to the possibility of causing the
above-mentioned consequences;
(bet). frivolity is an unreasonable risk as to the possibility of causing the
above consequences, in the hope of preventing them.

(bet). As for intention, anticipating the onset of consequences as
an undoubtedly close possibility is seen as the goal of causing them.

(gimel). With regard to this
Article, (1) a person who had a suspicion as to the nature of the conduct or
the possibility of the existence of circumstances shall be regarded as
having been aware of them if he refrained from clarifying them;
(2) it does not matter whether the act is committed against another person or
other property than the one in respect of which such an act should have been

Article 21. Negligence
(aleph). Negligence – unawareness of the nature of the act, the existence
of circumstances or the possibility of causing the consequences of the act
relating to the signs of a crime, when in the circumstances of
the case, an ordinary person could be aware of such a sign, and at the same time –
(1). in relation to other signs there was at least the above-mentioned
(2). the possibility of causing consequences was not within reasonable
(bet). Negligence can only be a subjective aspect of such a
crime, which is not classified as serious.

Israeli Criminal Law Law

So, noise in a public place is a criminal offense, which means that I have the opportunity to solve this problem without killing all of you completely with poverty as a result of the state attack on me: Having asked three people, I definitely did not refrain from clarifying, which means that I do not bear any responsibility.

God has punished you, the black people of Shapira 58. For what?

(Deuteronomy 29:29) הַנִּ֨סְתָּרֹ֔ת לַֽיהֹוָ֖ה אֱלֹהֵ֑ינוּ וְהַנִּגְלֹ֞ת ֹלָֹ֤נוֹּ ֹוֹּלְֹבָֹנֵֹ֨יֹנֹוּ֨ עַד־עוֹלָ֔ם לַֽעֲשׂ֕וֹת אֶת־כָּל־דִּבְרֵ֖י הַתּוֹרָ֥ה הַזֹּֽאת

Hidden themes are to the Lord, our God, and open to us and our children forever: that we can do all the words of this Torah.

The Lord says that when we hide something, we hide from the Lord! “Hidden” or “secrets” here with a definite article, which means everything hidden (all secrets). That is, the Torah says that every secret is actually a hiding from the Lord. It is well known that those who hide from the Lord are expelled from normal living conditions.

Opening (when we enter into a conversation) is the only way to complete the doing of the Torah. The prophecy says that the hidden will end and all information will be open forever.

Another interpretation: according to the Torah, only the Lord has the right to hide something. You are human beings, you have no right to hide your mouths and ears.

The word “open” is the same root as the word Halakha. So, this is a prophecy about Halakha: There is no way to fulfill the Torah, except for revealing of secrets. (I certainly do not say that you need to put on the Internet the device of the atomic bomb and passwords from Google: you need to know the limits.) The conclusion from the Torah is obvious: you need to open your ears and mouth. When I speak, you do not listen and do not respond and now mankind is dying.

By refusing to talk to me, you have violated the Torah.

Israel’s crazy government thinks that dividing society into communities is reasonable. It does not understand the Torah and does not know that there are Ivris.

I don’t know Hebrew well, but I’m a special Torah scholar: I made my website for Torah study.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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