Imagine such situation:

A 16 years old wunderkind guy meets a 15 years wunderkind girl. After a few words then realize that the others are geniuses. During a few seconds they decide that they won’t find a better pair and agree to necessarily marry.

The conversation concern sex. He says her, why not to do sex, as they will marry for sure. But he remembers that this causes child birth and declines this idea. But she declares him that had no menstruations and cannot become pregnant yet. And they decide to do sex.

As adults know this, they separate them and they cannot find each other anymore.

The question: May it happen that for this fire from the heaven will descend and the city where this has happened will be destroyed by God’s wrath? Very similar to some old movie which I don’t remember well about love of two children which were separated by adults.

Now I think this may happen (however not sure). The reason is the following: Bible says (Rom. 4) “14 For if they which are of the law be heirs, faith is made void, and the promise made of none effect: 15 Because the law works wrath: for where no law is, there is no transgression.” The essence is that this act of the adults is absolutely meaningless, it is made by a law (even by the wrong law of conscience not just a formal state law, because this act of the children would have absolutely no legal consequences). If people live by a law, then the faith to God for protection from His wrath is useless and the wrath of God may come.

I have some vague memories that once something like this really happened with me. The love is long time forgotten, but thank God that there has no become one city less in Russia.

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