We were deceived: we were told: there is a body and there is a soul, there is a material world and there is a spiritual one, there are psychological problems and there is a sin.

First of all, this is simply unscientific: science has proven that a person thinks with the brain.

So there is no soul?

No, there is a soul, but it seems that what is called a soul in the Gospel is just radio waves of the brain. Then everything falls into place: Man thinks with his brain, but he has an eternal soul and he can live forever.

And Christ is the electromagnetic radiation of the Universe. It is also “material” (although this may depend on what someone has in mind when they talk about materiality). But at the same time Christ and mathematical abstraction. The same object can be a material and mathematical abstraction. Read more in my book New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician, the chapter “Christ and God”.

This means that we must take material things seriously. A person can go crazy if his brain breaks. Or, if he does not go crazy completely, his character can deteriorate. How can you neglect your health and material well-being? Moreover, how can you not help the poor and the sick? Personally, I want to be a billionaire so that I can help others.

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