1. Main theses of this preaching:
  2. Before we were Christ’s slaves, now Christ finishes redemption (the process of two stages: purchasing the slave and making him free), that is frees us from the slavery. We are no more slaves, even not slaves of God.
  3. Likewise as Old Testament ceases, Gospel also ceases. A new age starts.
  4. The Revelation of John (Apocalypse), stating that a comet will fall to the Earth is addressed (see Rev. 1:1) to slaves. But we are free now, so Apocalypse can be canceled. We should pray that God would create the new sinless world without physical destruction of the old one.
  5. Before we tried to commit commandments. And like pharisees, we filtered out a gnat and swallowed a camel. For example, we were greedy wanting to earn money for spreading Gospel. Now we switch to the life accordingly faith and love, not trying to follow commandments artificially.
  6. Before I though that all we are slaves of God, because all that God requires is correct; and as I thought before, if we try to act correctly then we are slaves of God. Our desire to follow his will exactly is slavery, I thought. Now I realize that slavery Is something other than attempt to act in a certain way. Slavery is a legal status not just a certain way of thinking. We can keep to want to exactly fulfill the will of God, but cease to be His slaves.
  7. Fulfilling the commandments of Gospel, as we understand them, became a “law” for use. Like as we died for the law, so we should also die for the Gospel. “To die for the Gospel” sounds wild, but it is just like as words of Paul to die for Torah sounded. (See Gal. 2:19 “For I, through the law, died to the law”).
  8. Saying “to die for the Gospel”, I mean only that we stop to try to follow commandments of Gospel like a law, and nothing more. We do not cease to believe in Gospel, but switch to a new level where we no more try to fulfill the commandments of New Testament. We keep to follow faith and love, which Gospel has taught us. Gospel is a truth, but the commandments of Gospel are not more directed to us, because we are not slaves but free people.
  9. We should stop to follow the law. The Gospel itself teaches this, see 2Cor. 3:6 “the letter kills”. But Gospel itself is a letter. The only variant which Gospel leaves for us, is to stop following Gospel as a law, not to follow the letter but only the spirit. We can stop following the letter of a testament (contract), only if the contract is canceled. So Gospel cancels itself.
  10. When I say that Gospel is canceled, I mean that only its negative aspects are canceled: wrath of God, catastrophes of Apocalypse, and also pharisaism of the pupils. Everything good from Gospel is preserved when switching to the new level. (Heb. 11:40) “God having provided some better thing concerning us”. This means that God provided for us something better than written in the book “New Testament”, that is all good things from Gospeal are preserved on the new level (we continue to have the promises and blessings of Gospel), but negative things (God’s wrath, catastrophes of Apocalypse, etc.) can be canceled! This can be summarized with a catchphrase: “We should live not under a testament but over a testament”.
  11. Consider the example of a 14 years old teenager. How should he make decisions related to sex? He does not yet know about sex and love. He is unexperiences. He cannot make decisions based on his own knowledge and experience. Somebody or something should direct him.
  12. One thing which can help him is commandments of Bible. If he already knew everything about sex and its consequences (even a mature person does not know everything!), he would not need commandments. He would not need Bible.
  13. Commandments is for these who don’t know something.
  14. When we mature, some commandments become not necessary for us anymore. For example, I don’t need that Bible would teach me not to marry an unbeliever. I already understand that I cannot create a good family with an unbeliever. I know it in my inner man and I don’t need Bible to teach me this.
  15. But there are two extremes:
  16. Extreme 1: Reject commandments altogether (as atheists do). This way we would reject the wisdom of God and tried to behave only based our limited mind without God’s help. It is not a good way.
  17. Extreme 2: It is the attempt to scrutinizingly follow every commandments, whether you understand it or now. This is also not a good way. We should live accordingly faith and love not particular commandments. This way is to make Bible for yourself a law not a guide. This is also not good. It is called pharisaism.
  18. We can attempt to set our mind not to fall into the extreme 2. But attempting to do it in my old religion, I failed. It was so: I understood that we should follow the spirit of Gospel not commandments. But how can I understand the spirit of Gospel, except of by study of particular commandments? So I found no other way to follow Gospel rather than to follow each commandment as a law.
  19. Definitely, following this way, I often violated more important commandment, attempting to follow every little thing in the law which I made for myself from the Gospel
  20. From this kind of pharisaism we need a radical cure. The only remaining solution is to completely reject to follow Gospel like a law, stop to make the problem to fulfill the entire system of the commandments of Gospel, cease to be slaves of the book.
  21. I considered myself a wise man, because I know Gospel. But if I really knew it, then I would understand that (1Cor. 3:18-20) my understanding of Gospel we imperfect that is a stupidity. The more I studied Gospel the more I was confused in commandments and teachings.
  22. It seemed to me that the truth makes us slaves. The more knowledge I got, the many rules bound my mind. For example, after I realized that Jesus is the savior, I had no right to answer negatively to the questions about my faith. And people hated me for this (for confessing the Christian teaching). But (Jn. 8:32) “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” Not so long time I swithced to the new level of the truth, which really brings more new freedom that new unfreedom.
  23. When I tried to follow Gospel, I judged people. The matter is that I understand only a part of the Gospel. I understood justice but didn’t understand justification. (I believe that justification by the blood of Christ exists, but I don’t understand how this happens.) Accordingly that part of Gospel which I understood, I was able to apply to people only principles of justice (because there is no Gospel without justice), and so I judged people. (Phil. 3:16) “Nevertheless, to the extent that we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule.” We have not attained full (that is mathematically precise) understanding of the entire Gospel, and so we cannot live accordingly the rules of Gospel; our attempt to live accordingly Gospel produces only judging of people. Jesus did not command this. But I was unable to remove God’s justice (and then condemnation) from my evaluation of people, because this would mean to deny the Gospel. So as we have not attained mathematically exact understanding of Gospel, we should not live by the rules of Gospel (Phil. 3:16).
  24. We served Christ as our owner. Do you know the Hebrew word meaning “owner”. This is “Baal”. So in the past serving to Christ we served to Baal. So on us there were all curses from Old Testament for these who serve Baal. We will keep serving Christ, but not as to an owner anymore and so not as to Baal. That is we should cease to be slaves.
  25. Also: Before we followed the principle “Only scripture”. But now I follow the principle “Only Bible but also freedom from slavery”.
  26. So I remind the conclusions:
  27. Before we were slaves of Christ, but now we are not slaves anymore.
  28. Like as Old Testament came to an end, Gospel also comes to an end. A new age starts.
  29. The Revelation of John (Apocalypse) stating that a comet will fall to the Earth is directed (see Rev. 1:1) to slaves. But now we are free, so Apocalypse can be canceled. We should pray to God to create the new sinless world without physical destruction of the old one.
  30. Before we tried to fulfill commandments. Doing this we like pharisees we filtered out a gnat and swallowed a camel. For example, we were greedy willing to earn money for spreading Gospel. Now we switch to life accordingly faith and love, not attempting to follow commandments artificially.
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