One of the reasons why the world economy is slowly but quite confidently moving towards a catastrophe, the following two philosophical concepts that occupy most of the people together (except for the last idiots who have no philosophy at all):

  1. A person thinks and is controlled only by the brain (atheists and some others).
  2. The person thinks and is governed by the soul or spirit (classical forms of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc.)

Each of these two concepts leads to a catastrophe, but each in its own way:

  1. If a person is governed only by the brain, then there is no soul or spirit, there is no continuation of life, a person’s life is by and large meaningless, if there is any meaning, then it is to snatch as much as possible now, harming everyone else. Indifference, depression, greed, leading to theft and other crimes, can easily destroy the global economy.
  2. If a person thinks or is governed by soul or spirit, life on Earth also does not make sense, there is no sense in taking care of your body and brain, there is no sense in developing an economy, there is no sense in treating yourself, making money, doing good on Earth. This, too, can easily destroy the global economy.

Moreover, both concepts contradict the facts:

  • Thinking, feelings, and what is called “spirituality” of a person depends on the brain (and as a result, on other environmental and health conditions). If a person is hit on the head, his thoughts, feelings, character, change. The fact that a person thinks with some kind of “spirit” is unscientific and contradicts the ordinary human experience.
  • That there is no supernatural revelation, “death experiences”, etc. also contradicts experience.

If a person is confused in the contradictions of science, his personal experience, and religious revelations, this can lead to even greater problems than each of these concepts separately, such as: apathy from not understanding what needs to be done, harsh, fanatical actions, despair, absurdities such as “rejection of death”, and sometimes suicide.

I offer a way out, a philosophical concept that better explains the world and, as far as I know, does not create such problems: the soul exists, but the soul is nothing but a backup copy (in the “computer” sense) of the brain or electromagnetic radiation of the brain that continues to exist in the universe.

This makes our material and spiritual life much more understandable: We can compare ourselves with what we know well, ordinary computers.

Nobody stops taking care of his computer just because he has a backup, because we know that the computer itself and its restoration from a backup copy are worth something. And we can not despair that in three years the computer will surely break and we will lose all our files, which would make all our work useless.

Similarly, if we accept this philosophical concept, we will neither neglect our health nor be depressed by the fear of death or dementia. We understand that nothing on Earth can truly harm us: we have a backup in the sky. Even if our thoughts and feelings deteriorate, we will be restored to heaven.

And, in my opinion, this new philosophical concept is in good agreement with the Bible. We are waiting for the resurrection of the dead – restoring from a backup with a new brain that will work without bugs, like a good computer.

If you do not promote this concept, the global economy will inevitably face a catastrophe. Like this post. Promote it.

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