It seems that “soul” is a backup for human brain.

After death the human mind continues to function.

People are placed into a virtual reality (as in “The Matrix” movie) where they can move, speak, etc.

This is yet considered death, because after death people do not exist in physical reality.

This virtual reality is the source of “classic” heaven with white tunics and likewise.

However this virtual reality is linked with real heavens (that is stars, galaxies, etc.)

In this virtual reality people brains are replaced with a more powerful computer, which is so powerful that can deal with the devil’s DoS attack (“sin”). I claim that people cannot calculate by brains as computers because we are under devil’s DoS attack with his virus (sin). But in the heaven they can. (See the below mentioned book “New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician” for a biblical foundation for this.)

But Bible plainly teaches that dead will resurrect. To resurrect means to return into the physical reality. This will be made possible when the DoS attack of the devil will be overcome, so that people will again be able to properly operate with their brains.

This returning does not discharge people from the heaven:

(Mat. 22:30) “For in the resurrection they … are like God’s angels in heaven.” This means that each resurrected believer will have an angel which will serve as his “eyes” and “hands” in the heaven, that is he will be in the heaven in addition to being on the new Earth in resurrected (real) human flesh.

Note that human body stores information not only in the brain, but also in immune system (located mainly in the blood). This information will not be preserved in the backup: (1Cor. 15:50) “flesh and blood can’t inherit the Kingdom of God”.

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