(I’m going to add the text of this blog post into my book.)

Gospel teaches to (Phil. 2:3) each counting others better than himself consider others below ourselves. Now I will muse about the following topic: How we knowing Gospel may consider others above us? Doesn’t knowledge of Gospel makes us above other?

The correct answer is that converting to Christ makes us worse not better.

Do I imply that people should refuse to convert to Christ? No, and the reason is the following: The God’s desire is (1Tim. 2:4) who (God) desires all people to be saved to save as much people as possible. But there is a limit on the number of saved people (Rom. 11:25) … the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. It is clear that the reason for this limit is the impossibility to “pack” more people into the heaven without a conflict. God solves the following mathematical problem: Save as much people as possible without falling into a conflict between them.

I mean a worse man is somebody who disturbs salvation of others more. And by this criterion already saved are worse than unsaved.

Probably the best example of how a saved person may prevent salvation of others is my spiritual war which I fought in the past. I was really the biggest of sinners. I could call my sin “magic”, that is misuse of spiritual powers.

Thus follows that evanglelization should not be our main purpose. Instead we need humility before each other and before unbelieving people which are actually better than us, as the mean to reach the full number of pagans. If we need to choose between evangelization and humility we should choose humility, because it influences the process behind the scene. Evangelization is just a screen before the actual essence of events as it is clear from (Jn. 6:44) No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. I can say: People are saved not by evangelization but by move of Holy Spririt, evangelization is just an external appearance of God’s work.

Thus remember: From the moment you convert to Christ your are already saved and thus you become less important person that unbelievers as long as it concerns future, but indeed only future matters not past.

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