Here I present my theory of prayer to God. I don’t know if this theory is true or just my imagination. Neither I can provide any Bible verses supporting my theory. Nevertheless here is my idea:

It is often asked: If God already knows everything, then why we need to pray? Here is my possible answer:

Einstein discovered that some things (distance, time, electric fields, masses, etc.) are relative. In other words, they don’t really exist, instead there exist only their so called “invariants” (like some kind of absolute distance in 4-d space). I have proposed a theory that in physics not “some” but all things are relative. This my theory is much less specific than Einstein’s one and thus is very hard to check by experiment. Nevertheless this my tiny theory is a valid physical idea (however needs to be made much more specific than my rough idea) and nothing in our current scientific knowledge disproves it.

The overall idea of my theory is that the physical reality as we measure it does not exists, because it is completely relative.

But then houses, cars, electrons, protons, our bodies do not really exist! They are just relative projections of deeper reality.

This is how “physical reality” looks like for God: it does not exist. The only what exists, is its relation to God.

The only thing existing for God is our particular prayers. Only these things exists which we pray about. Prayer defines reality. God knows all, but he does not know “reality” which is not defined (not exists), so here our prayers are needed.

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