In the age 15 Victor Porton converted to a evangelical (not yet telling this anybody). Since that day parents and other relatives started to attack him first by words, later by physical acts, too.

When Victor was 19 years old (in Russia), he was by his mother: a. beaten by head 3-4 times (with interval of several days or weeks) by a big iron frying pan, b. sent out of the house (that he had a property share in) to die of hunger on the streets (later she allowed him to return, probably after being reported that Victor eats grass near a street). Victor temporarily went mad and yet 1/2 year had big memory problems (but despite it, learned in a university with mainly A grades). In addition to this Victor survived (sometimes by wonders God giving him food) many months almost without food (sometimes he ate about once per month).

When Victor walked to police and said that the mother threatens to kill him, instead of considering his deal, a policeman kicked him by his leg out of the police station. When Victor tried to appeal to a court, he was sent away with the requirement to pay for the lawsuit (having no money).

Victor was beaten for evangelicalism by the mother more times, sometimes resulting in partial memory loss due to pain shock.

The mother liked a certain kind of shoes “burki” and “advertised” it to Victor as “very warm” and considered valenki (really warm) shoes indecent. The foots of Victor were frozen at winters, once a gullible piece of ice appeared inside his foot (wonderfully, it thawed without any noticeable harm for health). Victor has damaged dent since the gratis dentist was incompetent and he had no money for the paid dentist, Victor self-healed evoking flow of green pus with a hammer.

Victor’s penis was heavily squeezed during several years because the mother “liked” a certain kind of pants.

The role of the father in the crime was that he almost every day threw to trash can Victor’s items found. It made impossible for Victor to start some business and leave the father’s house. Later Victor hired for a job, but the father forced him to spend most of his salary for shaving tools for Victor to be without a beard. In despair Victor left the job.

Victor Porton is a profound mathematician who discovered ordered semigroup actions and related things. He finished his first scientific discovery on the day the mother sent him to the streets, after eating some grass. So the situation is almost entirely equivalent to the hypothetical case of Einstein tortured in Nazi Germany, but the family is in place of Nazi party and Russian mix of Orthodox church and paganism aroused by (anti-constitutional) government-financed anti-sectarian propaganda in place of fascism, and sectarians in place of Jews.

Another threat to psyche of Victor was that that time he believed in classical evangelicalism and particularly that mind of a human is located in soul or spirit, not brain, therefore creating internal mental struggle for explanation of him going mad after beatings.

The issues related with hunger and discrimination job market in Russia forced Victor to leave university without a degree.

Victor after an attempt of suicide received schizophrenia diagnosis despite every medic knows that this diagnosis is not accepted in the case of damaged head. Thus the bestiality of his parents was hidden down.

When Victor tried to appeal to a Russian court for a compensation (only after he incidentally discovered that he as a disabled person has the right to appeal in a Russian court for free), because my mother was provoked to anger by illegal propaganda of government-backed TV, but in a great violation of Russian laws and Constitution, the court (of the infamous Russian judge Solopova) just ignored the appeal. Victor tried to appeal to Putin, but Putin’s office started to reply by false come-off (as this “cockroach” Victor isn’t in their opinion worth of their factually true reply), namely switching to always writing “Your letter contains no concrete proposal” while it obviously contained.

Now Victor lives together with the parents, due to not enough money (as they deprived him from childhood). Shame of Israel: alive Hitler, dead souls, father and mother (the mother is a living Malinov from “Dead Souls”, Gogol, the father is a reverse Plushkin from the same novel, because he is obsessed in trashing items out of home) in Israel, and the victim of Hitler forced to live together with Hitler.

My mother is in some aspects of her psyche similar to Hitler:

1. She repeatedly told that she wants “big house and much money” (Eagle Nest of Hitler).

2. She won love of a neighborhood by giving free vodka (compare Beer Putch).

3. She obviously had Narcissic Disorder Syndrome: psychologically “fights” with the father and me for authority in the family, including “fighting” for her “right” to decide for us and “right” not to be critiqued after her demands.

4. For preferred “Aryans” race she has preferred “woman, mother” and for love to Aryans she has love to (bad and tasteless) humor.

5. She reached major (one step to general) in a militarized structure, Russian zona, where she was responsible for… morality. (Hitler was an army man.)

6. In childhood she beat me to partial memory loss several times.

7. In politics her opinion is “Shot everybody [of them]!”

8. She worked as a propagandist of several opposing to each other parties simultaneously.

9. One of her loved Russian words were жизненный (meaning: “related to life”), a word which is often used by translators of Hitler’s text. (She also loved words моё (mine) and целенаравленный (purported) that used in half of sentences without any link to the meaning of this word.)

10. She has her favorite pills that she “advertises” to her friends. (Hitler also had favorite drugs.)

Guess her education? An expert in German literature.

This new hitler made no less harm than the original Hitler: as it forced Victor to leave the official scientific carrier, he mispublished his discoveries (these about ordered semigroup actions), so blocking development of most of the future science. After the failure to publish ordered semigroup actions theory humanity project would be closed if managed by a wise manager.

This petition supports an equal compensation as to victims of Holocaust to Victor by the relevant governments (Russian and Israeli).

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