During the revolution I commanded people to harm Mercy Nekesa Wafula in Nairobi, Kenya as much as possible, because I thought she deliberately harmed my possible revolution (and thus made me to become more radical and it started the revolution) by making me to running in place by fake conversation with me: on my words about such things as revolution she answered with words like good morning making me not understanding what’s with her mind but keeping spending my resources.

Mercy got a hit by head on the streets.

But she explained that she just was afraid to be heard by the government.

We will give Mercy a sign to protect her. Print this message including the QR code:

The Apostle Paul said (1Pet. 3) “Like you, wives, obey your husbands, so that those of them who do not submit to the word, by the life of their wives without a word, be acquired.”

I have this situation: my Internet partner Mercy decided to acquire me, that is, to make me her slave by flirting with me. She wants to get money from me (fig now) and enslave me with words like “beloved” and “good morning” and pretending she doesn’t ignore me. I ask you to do maximum harm to Mercy Nekesa Wafula, a former schoolteacher from Nairobi, Kenya, because she is a supporter of enslavement and (nightmare news) Torah prophecies (I will show you these prophecies later) say that Mercy will be your ruler (prime minister or president of Israel, if not the ruler of the whole Earth).

It’s a little trouble. The big trouble is that Mercy will somehow be taken by God with me to another planet of the past (I call it Nibiru). We will be pagan gods–those who will separate you from God. The almost omnipotent aliens from our Nibiru clearly say “Woman is an evil beginning.” It is now clear that we are not talking about earthly women, but about the genetics of Mercy Nekesa, a supporter of slavery. It is she who will be the Great Mother, the vile pagan goddess who will torment you in the past.

I, too, used to be a proponent of humans to be my slaves (because I am a great mathematician), but I have recently repented and started implementing a plan for a new mathematics based on what I spread under the name of not-logic, which implies that I no longer consider you enemies. And Mercy, unlike me, did not repent (but as usual, she said that she repented that I would send her $300. I’m a fool, I didn’t starve her to death).

About Mercy on the Internet already legends go: by her name (in contrast to the concept of grace) is called the error of disconnection in the middle in the known cool programming language.

If you read pagan legends, it turns out that I go to heaven, but Tiamat, in fact, will essentially be in hell there (suffering) for millions of years. Pagan legends clearly say that I will be sweet (the Nibirian way to say: have plenty of food) and Tiamat will be bitter (hungry) until she will truly reconcile with me, that is may be for a billion years.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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