I read “blessed are poors” in the Bible and realized that I am not to participate in BizThon 2.0 competition. Instead I publish my secret files (with my ideas and source code on how to produce a token with bigger market adoption that Bitcoin) and just propose somebody to hire me to accomplish the project that I proposed in the secret files.

Previously I wanted to become a billionaire due to my religion that states that I will go in a time machine to an ancient planet (let’s call it Nibiru) with my girlfriend and build a super-civilization. I considered possibility that only we two will be (or should an English text about a time machine say “was be”) on the planet, and therefore we need to be genetically modified to bring healthy offspring (as otherwise incest of our children would make dead embrios).

But after reading “blessed are poor in spirit, because your is kingdom of heaven [our planet’s empire]”, I realized that I don’t need to become a billionaire. Either aliens will genetically modify us without me paying money or we go through the wormhole as a big crowd (as Jesus called to a big crowd in this fragment of the Bible), not just us two.

I’ve realized that a big part of commandments of the Gospel are non-competition. We need to bring to Nibiru a good history of us non-competing to raise a brotherhood of our children, that we do as much for our competitors as do for ourselves. (You know, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”)

Actually, commandments of the Gospel are very harmful in egoistic Earth society. Non-competition means that we fall out of market economy, breaking its laws: e.g. “Be content with your wages” (Lk. 3:14) implies that I am fallen out of economy, not searching for a better job. It implies that a better position is not filled for an employee.

I already did very much harm: I self published my scientific research under a free license, making it impossible to publish it properly (as e.g. in Cambridge publisher) and thus excluding the topic of my research (ordered semigroup actions, that are as much important as group theory, and are one of two foremost foundations of mathematics) from the scientific discourse. (I also lost the case me to receive a scientific degree due to discrimination) This way, I likely killed millions of people, because the development of world economy is hindered by ordered semigroup actions being missed in discourse. Moreover, I worked on a carbon accounting project, but it happened that I lack money to finish it. Now, it probably may account for billions of people killed. We, people behaving like monks, are very harmful for economy.

My poverty coming from my childhood (mainly because I was thoroughly religiously discriminated) caused me to eat too much phalaphel here in Israel what caused hepatic colic (very much painful) and thus the state to spend money on my healing. One more harm of my behavior in my childhood.

Thus for the benefit of Nibiru and us, elves, we harm people by refusal not to help our competitors (as I do now publishing my secret files) and by poverty.

I know that I to come to Nibiru, because due to the time loop, the events have already happened. So I know I will be transferred through the wormhole healthy.

As Jesus said, “not my will be but yours [Father’s]”, I now follow not the commandments of the Gospel, but what produces it (their reason of being, their “Father”) of non-competing for Nibiru.

Now I can live on money from mental disability that medicine granted me for my religion.

A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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