(John 19) 28 After this, Jesus, knowing that all was already accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, says: I thirst. 29 Here was a vessel full of vinegar. Having filled a vinegar with a sponge and put it on hyssop, they brought it to His mouth. 30 And when Jesus tasted the vinegar, he said: It is done. And bowing his head, he delivered the spirit.

After that, knowing that everything had already happened, so that the whole Bible could be fulfilled, he says that he really wants (for this to happen). He says that he really wants the Bible to come true. For this, it must be fully interpreted as I teach in this sermon.

There was a “vessel”, that is, literally (material) goods, (figuratively) apparatus. The vessel is already standing, they only need to properly distribute to people.

What is called vinegar here is a cheap anesthetic. This is a “cheap” means to stop the suffering of the body of Christ on Earth, such as, for example, the universal rent, so that no one dies of hunger, as almost happened to me.

Let us translate further: “After drinking” this “vinegar” the “sponge” of the poor, who are ready to “absorb” any money.

It also means nourishing with “vinegar” the “sponge” of people who want to know the answers to their questions.

The sponge is brought to His mouth, that is, to little people (Matthew 10:42; 18:10), through which He speaks, to those who have been unfairly discredited, have not been allowed to develop in their business, appear in the media, etc. “His mouth: can also mean the “mouth” of the Bible.

When Jesus receives this cheap remedy, then this event will take place.

By reducing (“bowing”) the value of the human head, Jesus transmits the spirit, that is, establishes our connection with the cosmos. We will no longer need such a big brain. “To bow” also means to erase, so perhaps Jesus will erase the no longer necessary memory from human brains, because the Spirit will decide everything.

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