I received a mad “revelation”. See my earlier sermon.

But a word from God cannot be a rave. Where is the error? I appeared to finally understand what was the case:

I translated Jn. 19:23-25 with the Greek in an unusual way (a little modified the unusual translation, which I made just changing words with their alternative meanings (homonyms) from the dictionary or derived meanings of the words with the same root, exactly according to Greek grammar):

soldiers (of the celestial army), spreading in couches, who make it stay stable and insert, staying near, and continue safe and healthy and do not shame, staying ready in the presence of others, they made themselves companions and reserved them for themselves, took them (somebody’s personality) by lot into possession, giving her access to themselves, took by hands (the personality to use her), not rejecting but receiving what is offered, the garments of Jesus to put them onto themselves… Also the tunic (holy garments). But the tunic was whole from above, the north of one third of the heaven, woven through all… And they stayed in presence of others ready near the cross of Jesus: mother of Jesus and the sister of the mother Mary and the wife of Clope and Mary Magdalene (that is raised bed).

After reading this (see more details in that sermon), I decided that the Lord calls me to marry as if His mother whose spirit, in my opinion, came down to Maria Putina and began to engage in onanism and sexual fantasies, thinking of something Maria Putina or St. Mary.

I distorted the meaning of the words of the Lord into the contrary. This was for two main reasons:

  • I thought that if the meaning of a fragment of the Bible resembles a situation, then this is what this situation is about. The left arrow and the right arrow (contraries) are very similar to each other, there are almost no differences between them. Naturally, with such an approach, I messed them with each other. The Lord wanted to teach us to distinguish similar, but different things.
  • I was looking at myself, not at Jesus. I thought the Bible was talking about me, and she was talking only about Jesus (see John 5:39). I had such a theological concept that every word of the Bible is addressed to me personally. That was a mistake.

So the Lord compares His kingdom with “collective” sex.

So the kingdom of God is like a brothel. We and even the saints in heaven are so ridiculously trying to please each other, that we are no different from prostitutes who satisfy their clients. You need to please God. It is written (Ephesians 5:28) “Thus should husbands love their wives as their bodies: he who loves his wife loves himself.” It means doing everything she needs, but not making her your idol. On the Earth, spirits from the sky even made the nonsense, which is called astral sex or sex with aliens.

It is like a frozen computer: If a computer is running some kind of a wrong program, it is in no way different from a hung computer.

Another impression is that these three women, including the very mother of Jesus, were sexually excited, apparently because He hung naked on the cross. And the Bible calls them His sacred garments. What a contrast: we are both sinners and saints at the same time. And He is only a saint.

And what does the word “lot” mean in this fragment of the Gospel? This means that wives are chosen randomly. Someone just marries to the most beautiful girl, someone who is passionate about the idea of ​​marrying somebody good or spiritual, and not beautiful, other things being equal chooses the less beautiful one. This is because we have lost the criterion on which to define spirituality. We have forgotten that these are the sacred garments of Jesus. Someone, as it seems to him, receives a revelation from God: marry just this girl and that’s it. I got confused, not understanding the criteria for choosing a wife, and I was left alone. This happens randomly, as by lot. God needs our heart, not our formal revelation.

The family has become our idol. We have forgotten that there are more important things: the salvation of the world, the economy of our country, scientific research, charity and so on. We are soldiers of the heavenly army, how can we devote our time to worldly things?

Choose wives according to the spirit, as the holy garments of the Lord.

For example, I want to marry a beautiful in my eyes Protestant woman who knows mathematics. I think that if I marry a girl who does not know mathematics, then I will simply hate my wife, because I cannot tolerate stupidity. Well, what if it will be a family if the wife does not even read my books? in my opinion, it is rather a brothel.

(Jos. 1: 2) “And the Lord said to Hosea: Go, take a prostitute for your wife.” Go, said, marry a prostitute. Why did the Lord say to the prophet this? I think because his so-called “spiritual” lover was no better. The Lord simply prompted him to make a better choice. It was a “random” revelation, as by lot.

What else does the Lord want to explain through this highly hype event? The fact that we can find the hidden meaning of the Bible, if we read it with the dictionaries of the original languages, looking for not only human meaning, but also hidden “encrypted” inhuman meaning.

Also (Jn. 19:24):

So the words came: to open Him to each other (together, in a different way), and we will cast lots with the goal of teasing, completing the period/task, checking, coinciding with the prediction, being complete, preaching fully, making the Scriptures perfect: divided into portions or divided my garments among themselves and casted lots for my garments. So did the soldiers (of the heavenly army).

We now have received the words from the Lord: (We will) open His (secrets) to each other differently, but by random whose (these words will be) (decide) to coincide with (this) prediction and complete the task of fully preaching the Bible, (reach) abundance (economic growth) and perfection (freeing from sin), (complete previous) period (if history), check the Bible (that this is a real message from God). Now I know that this is what we will do.

Another meaning: Before the second coming of Christ, the “star-fall” is awaited, that is, the spirits of the stars will descend to Earth: (Rev. 6:13) “And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, even as a fig tree casts her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.” Note that the figs are not yet mature, that is, the algorithms are not perfect. And they can become our wives! We are the same soldiers of the heavenly army, because the stars also fall on us.

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