(A copy of my yesterday’s email to some mathematicians listed at Israel math sites.)

It seems that these people with “big” heads like mine are wordless brutes (like the man from the joke “who eats very well”), they chose death and, perhaps, they should be considered animals, however, as I argue below, with God’s help, there remains the possibility of repentance.


(An attempt to kill a mathematician for his scientific research in Ashkelon!)

I am the author of algebraic general topology (actions of ordered precategories) and discontinuous analysis:


and an algebraic theory theory of infinite formulas (draft):

Plus I am the author of an efficient copy-on-write algorithm:


And I have a possible candidate for quantum gravity (existence of solutions is not yet proved):

I was attempted to be killed today: I felt strong gas smell in my apartment. I went outside thinking “perhaps that’s Russian methane having reached Ashkelon”, but no smell outside. Quite a clear attempt to kill me. People meshuga think that can kill a sender of God. Laugh. I was chosen by God to enter into a time loop, the time machine drives me and I cannot fail. Laugh over atheists, I sometimes bring fire from heaven kmo Eliahu, your government is worth such things because of such things as tax on the poor or tax on good deeds (tax on poors was proposed, tax on good deeds exists and is very high). (Torah seems not to tell that Elijahu was a good, observing man, but he served God and I too – God is a form of mathematics.)

It happened after yesterday: Yesterday I told in my broken Hebrew to a food seller near Ashkelon Olei Hagardom 11 that I have mis-published an important scientific research (the above and also my XML technology) and therefore people will die if I don’t correct this (because there is no serious development of science anymore and thus global warming has no chances to be stopped) and so I created my news site and going to publish myself without academia (academia failed with buffer overflow: my ~400 pages article fails to pass journals size limits). So, a nearby man was told to have a degree… attempt to kill a time traveler… bediuk kmo in Sodom where they attempted to kill time travelers – returning home they turned on the time engine in such a way to cause a vulcano to destroy Sodom.

Previously I thought that Messiah when come will publish my math research. But that was a mistake: I realized he will instead beat participants in non-publication of discontinuous analysis. No other way to denialist of scientific importance of ordered semigroup actions.

But recently with my analysis (yet informal, not a precise proof) of GR time loops in quantum many-world model (I am sure it’s true) I concluded that Elochim repented and we need to develop what I call “non-science”:

Thanks God, I was tried to be poisoned: I cannot die because a time machine drives me, but now my message became non-spam and so I won’t drive you mad by sending you this email (receiving unsolicited emails drives people mad and makes impossible further development of science – emails were chosen at random – send further). So I did report you both discontinuous analysis success and ongoing non-science project, again thanks God.

Update: The list of speechless brutes who receive salary for concealing science and preventing scientific research:


The losing brutes forced me to publish the list of speechless by the noise.

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