I am not a homo sapiens. Russian alcoholics did this.

This year I decided to surrender to the enemy because I decided that I failed the plan of my former boss, Messiah. I went to a psychiatrist and said that I am the best spy in the galaxy to be isolated from humans and fail.

The liar psychiatrist said that he will give me a calming drug. But he gave me haloperidol. It is supposed to cause hallucinations, but the medical “brother” could witness in the middle of its effect I raised and walked by the room asking him for help because I felt somehow unwell. I myself witness that my mind was not modified at all, however I fell asleep.

Of 10 billion mankind I was the only one who seriously tried to use cryptocurrency against global warming. (That’s accomplished Revelation 11 prophecy: “Earthlings hated themselves.”, in other words, (in any reasonable model including carbon) the partial derivative (as defined in my theory of generalized limits) of the dependency of desire of common good on the desire “for themselves” is strictly negative.) I alone almost succeeded to raise cryptofinancing for common good and safe you from fire and SH + H2SO4 but failed due to a tiny mistake, then God explained me why He send you to hell.

In the entire History of mankind I am the only one who discovered more than one fundamental axiomatic system. So, I am the best mathematician in known History.

My sexuality is modified:

  • I have no orgasm like humans. I have something similar to orgasm but no human orgasm.
  • I feel woman’s orgasm differently.
  • I have no romantic “love” of human kind. I have something similar but different.
  • I am the only who claimed that my orientation is not sexual.

My teeth are oversized.

Only I often rotate 360 degrees at the streets to look around.

Only I set my home CCTV to YouTube.

Only I claim that Nelson Mandela is killer of a smart man disguised for a politician.

Only I revenge by raising hate to myself.

I train my happiness to turn off my feelings (that’s called a blissful) and smile almost all the time.

Only I train insanity.


A biblical prophecy says that I have the right for 1% of your income (or 10% if you receive tithes).

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