I have the following idea. Does it contradict to the Bible? I have not yet studied Bible on this topic in details. It is important to study the Bible, so help me.

The resurrection of the dead may happen in this way:

The spirits of dead saints descent onto alive people. Meanwhile an effective anti-aging treatment is developed by the science and people start to live hundreds of years. Meanwhile the Thousand Years Reign of Christ comes to the Earth. Even if somebody dies by an accident during the Millennium, he or she does not really die, as his memory is preserved in the memory of other people telepathically connected to him and in the heavens, it is eternal life.

Note that when a spirit of a dead or an angel or a star comes to an alive man, the spirits are likely intermix or join, as in sex (maybe more like infusoria/amoeba/bacteria sex, than animal sex) genes intermix. But this happens with thoughts not with genes. It is also similar to intermix of two computer algorithms in artificial intelligence.

Interesting idea?

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