There are many interpretations about Adam’s fall away from God and how badly Adam did and modern people continue to do.

It’s all true. But the story of Adam can be told in another way. I realized this after I realized that Elohim also needs repentance and proved a theorem on ethics (knowledge of good and evil!)

I am now telling the story of Adam differently for the sake of my repentance.

Elohim created Satan to mock Adam in his (Elohim’s) experiment: infect Adam with an evil virus, see what would happen to Adam, and therefore assess the ethical consequences of Adam being punished for making Adam evil and stupid and how we were driven to disaster by destroying our brains.


Adam and Eve gained knowledge of ethics. Adam and Eve became terribly disgusted: they are creatures specialized in the pleasure of sex, so they closed their genitals with fig leaves, trying to stop wanting each other (as it was before the Fall).

Adam wanted to get rid of everything that connected him with what created his sexual desire, so his brain began to effectively destroy itself, the telepathy that connects him with God disappeared, not to think about the One who created him such. The connection with Eve also disappeared to stop wanting her.

Adam became an idiot like us in 24 hours: He wanted to get rid of his knowledge of mathematics not to follow the logic of the One who created him with sexual desire.

In other words, after learning the principles of ethics, Adam became a computer specialized in ethics, for the sake of this getting rid of most of the rest of the knowledge that he had before.

Elohim drove Adam out of paradise so that Adam would stop his rebellion against whom created Adam being such.

God began to repent that he did not create man on Earth: “It would be better not to do it, I did an experiment with a negative result” (God knows everything, but it does not follow from this that He does not need to go through all the stages of knowledge when He appears in our universe, where there is time (stages)).

I’m not saying Adam was right, but I repeat: Elohim needs repentance too.

Participate in the repentance of Elohim! If God repents, He can save you, that is, raise ethics to a new level.

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