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What we do

We use cryptocurrency micropayments to support underprivileged scientists, especially ones who build dependencies for works of other scientists, revolutionizing the way grants empower the future of scientific progress.

About us

Our Vision

At Victor Porton's Foundation, we believe that scientific progress should not be hindered by financial constraints or biased funding mechanisms. Traditional scientific grants have often led to disparities, where some projects receive ample funding and exposure, while others, equally important, get left behind, causing science to stagnate. Put short, in the current system it is a lottery: if a scientist is rich or can obtain funding and can pay for adequate publication, the world wins; if the scientist is poor, all the world loses. Our vision is to create a fair and equitable scientific financing system, ensuring that groundbreaking research and innovative projects get the support they need to propel science forward.

Time has changed

Unleash the Power of Your Donation

Fueling Innovation

By donating to scientists, you are providing them with the necessary resources to pursue groundbreaking research and develop innovative solutions to global challenges.

Advancing Human Knowledge

Supporting scientists means advancing the frontiers of human knowledge, enabling new discoveries that benefit society as a whole. We also support marketing scientific discoveries in order for every discovery be publicized.

Transforming Lives

Scientific breakthroughs have the power to transform lives, improve health outcomes, and uplift communities, making your donation a catalyst for positive change.

Who We Are

Our Approach

We are passionate about advancing fundamental science—the backbone of all great discoveries. At Victor Porton's Foundation, we prioritize research that lays the groundwork for future breakthroughs, exploring the fundamental principles of our universe and its intricacies. By supporting fundamental science, we are investing in the future of humanity and fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us.

We do this by allowing to donate not only to the final science project but also to works that it directly or indirectly cites. We also provide an affiliate program to ensure that every discovery gets money for publication.


For highest possible security, funds will be managed by a smart contract as directed by voting of third-party servers competing for their share in the security fund. This makes it virtually impossible to steal scientists' money or be a victim of a data breach.


Together, Let's Unstuck Science

Our core mission is to unstuck science from the barriers holding it back. We believe that every brilliant idea, every curious mind, and every revolutionary concept should have the opportunity to flourish. Through our novel cryptocurrency grants system, we can break free from the confines of traditional funding models and pave the way for a brighter, more innovative future.

Who We Are

Empowering Free Software Development

Free software plays a crucial role in scientific advancement and beyond, enabling researchers and developers to collaborate, share knowledge, and accelerate innovation. With your donations, we aim to empower and support free software development, ensuring that cutting-edge tools and resources remain accessible to the entire scientific community. Specifically, we support free software components, a backbone of almost every software.

Our Awesome

Creative Team

Be here!

Victor Porton

Victor Porton

Software developer

Victor Porton is the mathematician who discovered ordered semigroup actions for a neverending glory in coming generations.

Why Grants in Cryptocurrency?

In today’s fast-paced world, innovation is key, and traditional donation systems can be cumbersome and inefficient. Embracing the realm of cryptocurrency, we open up new possibilities for donors to make a meaningful difference. Micro-payments are the lifeblood of our foundation, as they empower individuals to contribute any amount, no matter how small. By using an advanced cryptocurrency, we eliminate barriers and allow donors to support multiple projects and all projects cited by them effortlessly.

At Victor Porton’s Foundation, we understand that change doesn’t always require grand gestures. Small acts of kindness, when combined, can fuel monumental achievements. Through our platform, you can easily make micropayments that build up over time, adding up to significant support for scientists and their cited articles. Whether it’s a dollar, a fraction of a coin, or more, every contribution plays a vital role in empowering the scientific community to thrive.

Your contributions will be matched to increase the donation amount.

The funds will be used for:

1. (much below market average) programmers salaries

2. Web infrastructure

3. Advertising the project

4. Excess fund will go directly to financing science and free software funds.

Enjoy The Best Experience with Us

Victor Porton’s Foundation invites you to be part of a revolutionary movement that harnesses the potential of cryptocurrency and micropayments to uplift the scientific community. With your support, we can make a lasting difference, not just for direct recipients but also for the entire ecosystem that fuels scientific discovery. Empower the future of science with us – one micropayment at a time.

Together, we can shape a brighter tomorrow for scientific progress and global innovation.. Whether you are an individual, a corporation, or a philanthropic organization, your support can make a significant difference in accelerating scientific progress and shaping a better future for all.

Donate today and let’s build a world where scientific financing is fair, where ideas flow freely, and where we can truly unstuck science. 

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Are you ready to be a catalyst for change? Make your donation in money or in cryptocurrency to Victor Porton’s Foundation and become a part of our visionary movement. Together, we can unlock the true potential of science and free software development, creating a better future for generations to come.

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Victor Porton’s Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity registered in Colorado, USA. Donations are tax-exempt.