It happened that I entered into the risk to lose all my money, which I all stupidly invested into Forex.

I prayed like this: God, act in my interests, the rest of Forex traders are mainly egoists, mean people, ignore their interests, the value of money is negative in global economy, let Forex do in such a way that is profitable for me, even if it is bad for others.

Just in a few hours of my prayer I saw myself in a deep minus, but a minute later I noticed that it is a fake minus, Forex was hijacked (apparently by a hacker) and trade is stopped. So, is a power of prayer: I just prayed about Forex and it is now hijacked. God acts!

So, God wants that I have money, join God’s efforts to give me money.

1 thought on “Power of prayer and Forex

  1. In fact that Forex broker “Universe” is a fraud. Apparently, Forex in its entirety was not hijacked, but the fraud broker frauded with my account.

    My point remains valid nevertheless: It seems I am better off after this fraud, because I started to look for alternative ways of earning.

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