Abstract: The article explains how the stamp of the beast in Apocalypse relates with modern scientific research and gives practical guidance for Christians about their relation to scientific research and academia.

Keywords: beasts of the Apocalypse, academia, scientific research, christian science

There were many interpretations about the stamp of the beast (Rev 13:16).

But it seems nobody before realized that stamp on the forehead is the higher education certification and stamp on the right hand is the skills certification. These are literal stamps on the paper confirming qualities of forehead and of the right hand, so fit tightly into interpretation of the text.

Also in this interpretation it becomes clear that at least on of the beasts in Rev. 13 refers to academia.

Wait, why and when academia became (stupid) beast?

Academia is a beast at least since non-publication [1] (in short: I cannot publish, others consider the spot taken and don’t publish on this topic, too) of my math research [2] on actions of ordered semigroups and discontinuous analysis. (Yes, weirdly actions of ordered semigroups were unknown before. I also remind that continuous (more specifically, differential) analysis is the main discovery of Isaac Newton, I improved it.) The entire system of DMCA and all academic publishing houses does the evil (and bestially stupid) deed of preventing spreading knowledge about actions of ordered semigroups.

Because the Bible needs to be understood spiritually, we need to explain what higher education certification means spiritually. My answer: the stamp of the beast is the belief by your forehead that degree is essential for doing science.

I remind the obvious biblical fact that belief is expressed by doing. Doing without the stamp in the brain means using your resources in an “orthogonal” to the academia model way. For example, you could give your personal money for a publication grant (if academia money are orthogonal to your acts, you can use only your personal money) – disclaimer of a conflict of interest: I do imply my publication, please donate. Applied to money, the orthogonal way means that you build your own system (e.g. with your personal money, if you don’t have access to greater resources) of accounting, for example: account for personal needs only a part of personal money and account the rest for publication. If you do not do like this, your faith is dead.

Note that I am working also on a cryptocurrency system of rewarding scientific publication [3]. This system, before it can support itself, needs monetary support, too. It is yet unclear whether my system will go stupid like academia went and whether it may be another beast from the Rev. 13.


[1] Victor Porton. How modern scientific ethic may block a science. At https://www.reddit.com/r/arxiv/comments/kpelpm/how_modern_scientific_ethic_may_block_a_science

[2] Victor Porton. Algebraic theory of general topology and Discontinuous Analysis. https://science.vporton.name/2021/10/06/algebraic-general-topology-book/

[3] Victor Porton. Enhance grant system with allocating money to dependencies and promouters, to increase components financing and visibility. https://github.com/gitcoinco/web/issues/10556

Victor Porton is a mathematician, software engineer, blockchain expert, and religious writer. Victor Porton discovered actions of ordered semigroups, discontinuous analysis, the axiomatic theory of mathematical formulas.

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