I sent out a press release to save Mercy from attacks.

I spoke with Mercy, she is sick because of having been by head.

Meanwhile she disappeared.

Pray for her to get the safety sin against attack as soon as possible and safely reach a clinic to heal her head trauma and be well.

I spoke with her and it looks like her mind is well, but her speech is damaged. She even advised us to learn French.

So, thanks God, she will as I wanted:

  • learn to create our own “Nibirian” language because she seems to have some loss of English
  • communicate with a phone and don’t as she often did forget the history of our communications
  • lose access to TV, her Baal and her false teachers
  • learn telepathy

Pray to God to settle our situation.

2 thoughts on “Thank God for Mercy

  1. Кончайте притворяться, что вы меня не читаете:

    Я телепатически слышал вашу пародию: “Ленин: Я-ыка, я-ыка, я-ыка”.

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