I posted in news an information about disinformation.

Sorry, while posting this information, I released an inexact information myself. I released in the news message a wrong graph. Sorry. This is more exact information:

A scientific fact is all people lie, so releasing not enough thoroughly checked information in the news, I somehow disinformed you too. But the main relevant thing that I told you in the news is correct: My traffic is being forged.

Here is my communication with Amazon about the above graphs:

Thank you for your data. I am also attaching other views of this data. From the attached views (and the Amazon’s Affiliates graph) it follows that: 1. Google’s graph contradicts to Amazon’s graph. 2. Amazon ads do not function. 3. We have a critical security issue: dying civilization. Particularly: “Living on the Earth are hating” and the hate is concentrated on one person [compare information from a time traveler in the chapter 11 of the Book of Revelation]. The danger of the issue is: 1. Living on the Earth hate a carbon accounter. Because this hate is irrational, living on the Earth disinform themselves and each other while implementing particulars of the hate and therefore are doomed to destruction, a slow painful death by carbon (unless the issue will be mitigated) by scientific misinformation that as usual affects also related scientific fields thus making the issue catastrophic. 2. A similar issue exists with misinformation of importance of my mathematical research, the danger of this misinformation causes the entire scientific development to be “reliably” blocked, so without mitigating the second issue, mitigating the security issue with carbon is obviously impossible (people need science to mitigate carbon). 3. It blocked my ability to receive enough money and thus my ability to protect myself from (il)legal attacks of nearby fascists, what made impossible to free my region from fascism. Because fascists are globally interoperating, this issue made the world controlled by a modern kind of fascists. 4. This blocked my ability to become a university teacher, so (by the scheme described above) blocking development of education system – making people stupids. 5. Other related security problems exist.

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