The word management is often used to denote a particular pseudoscience:

Myth: Every problem has a solution.


  • There are many problem classes that have no algorithm of solution (a theorem from 1st year of a computer science college, the proof is very easy).
  • There are theorems that cannot be nor proved nor disproved. Well, they indeed can be proved if we add a new axiom (for example, taking the theorem itself as an axiom 🙂 ).
  • There are math problems that can be solved, but the shortest solution may be arbitrarily long: E.g. there are problems that require 2100 steps. (I don’t remember the proof of this theorem, but an expert can easily invent such a hard problem.)

Everything can be done with a TODO list.

I can prove the theorem that every solvable problem (about insolvable problems see above) can be solved in an efficient way using TODO lists, if we know what is the suitable TODO list for this particular problem.

Draw diagrams, TODO lists, etc.

If I did this when writing my math book, I would do… after having a million or billion pages TODO list.

So, often the hiring criterion on ruling position is conformance to this pseudoscience.

There are many problem classes that have no algorut

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