An ancient Russian Orthodox prophecy (I remember for sure that such a prophecy exists, but I can’t find it in Internet, please comment with a reference.) says that the world will die as a result of forcibly parting ways of a loving couple of a man and a woman.

It accomplished this way:

I was 17, I met a 15 years girl. We started to speak. In scorn I asked her a question to laugh about a stupid answer. But she gave a correct answer. She is a genius!, though I. A few phrases, and I understood that she had essentially the same views as me.

The girl was also very beautiful and I proposed her marriage. She agreed.

We spoke about different things.

Among other things, I started to speak about sex. I offered her sex. But after a second remembered it may produce a child. But she responded she never yet had menstruation and so would not bear a child. We had sex. (The law about child “abuse” did not matter: we didn’t reach legal responsibility age.)

But our conspiracy was bad. Her father (He was a state official. Hm, maybe they were Maria Putina and Putin? I don’t remember that man’s look at all.) He forcibly parted us.

So, the world died this way, because I had no dowry to make my financial state sane.

This repeated several times. Apparently, I was also very happily married (apparently, without state registration) to a K-12 math teacher and to a math professor (both much elder than me, but I considered them young because despite of me being then a teenager, 24 or so years old women are sometimes felt by me as somehow too young) – maybe two math professors (one a white Russian and another black, probably American), but my head was hit so badly that I don’t know the details.

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