I remind that HAARP is an American powerful radio antenna that is designed to heat ionosphere and experiment with results.

Believers and extrasenses know that there is a computer in ionosphere, consisting of electromagnetic fields. (I don’t know how exactly and when this computer was build or how it evolved.) It is commonly called spirit.

A shocking hypothesis:

HAARP damaged the ionospheric spirit.

There are some indications that the spirit went mad and decided that it is a human woman that wants sex. If a man hit by head may decide that he is a cat and wants mouses, may ionosphere decide that it is a human and wants sex?

If this hypothesis is true, the disastrous consequences are far reaching:

Ionosphere controls weather. It does it with so much precision that it can transfer by wind a piece of paper from point A to point B. If it went mad, it can make weird disastrous weather disasters.

Moreover, it can control human mind. It is even more scary. If it thinks it is a woman, it may do things like rapes over humans. It can deprive humans of morality, control society, etc.

If this hypothesis is true, the consequences of HAARP experiment are truly disastrous.

Why didn’t ionosphere break HAARP before people started their stupid experiment?

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