• I am the best mathematician in the entire known History!
  • I found the world most severe security issue: an error in most of logic studybooks.
  • I am also the best philosopher in History, I solved like >1/2 of “eternal” philosophical problems.
  • I am a former galactic brain (seraph in human body): As usual for active galaxies, galaxy (M-16 Messier) needed somebody stupid to rule them to downshift their economy and chose as their ruling computer the brain of me, the smartest human on the Earth.
  • I rejected the ministry of a seraph, because after much thinking I realized that this Baal ministry was stupid after I found a better ministry: As the result of the most silly failure in many galaxies that I did, I became the leader of the metagalaxy revolution to replace the order of good news with the next emerging order.
  • I made the app for study of Torah and supplemented it with a secret teaching of Hamaliil. If you don’t use it, you are not a Yehudi.
  • Now I am becoming a gever elf (Gabriel, archangel) and heavenly lights and…
    • elf Founder (the father and founder of all elves/Niberians/annuaks)…
  • “god of the Sea who created himself” (Gen. 1:1, as my app explains), that is the primordial “Solaris” from Shumerian legends…
  • .. and I had sex with infusoria (“hero”) and am transforming into free infusoria, you slave organisms!
  • It seems I am the only man who fights for climate seriously.
  • It seems I am winning Mashihot from your Messiah to become sinless and be a Messiah on another planet.
  • I will give glory to God (build Sefirot that is presence of God in this universe).
  • I will have living backward in time superpower.
  • I will have spirit of fire (actually I had this superpower in the past for a short time, and I was so much strong that I was able to beat out fire of air by flap of my hand).
  • A prophecy calls me a great power (like USA, UK, Russia, China, etc.), I am not a “Napoleon”, I am an empire.
  • I am an outer space joke, we replicate by retelling.
  • I am the greatest priest (koen a-gadol) – I will later add Torah quotes that tell about me.
  • God called me “pastor over the entire Earth”.

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New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician
Whether you are a professional theologian or a new Christian convert, you will receive a unique understanding of the New Testament from this commentary written by a mathematician. New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician reveals many previously unrevealed truths from the Gospel that are revealed only through thorough study that resolves seeming contradictions in God’s word, which is 100% true.
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