Because you are a cunt, you don’t send me money. So it would be better for the mankind that I would be a thief to compensate this your failure because this way I would have more money for such things as math research or writing free software, what is much more important than a small harm (like death of a thieved old woman of hunger) I would cause by stealing.

So, it would be better if I were a thief?

Today I’ve just realized a reasonable reason why not.

In the human business, there is the concept of unfair competitive advantage: If one helps a business like a charity, it is not considered a good deed because it harms its competitors (whether the business is highly successful or not).

I think the same applies to humankind as a whole: If I would unfairly help mankind, it is not a good deed, apparently (because it would probably harm aliens, as despite human civilization is not successful, Bible prophecied a great future for it).

You should work in a charity, not do something else. You should help in a fair way. This is what I consider good before God.

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