It is little known about the origin of the word “Mammon” met in the New Testament. Doesn’t God tell through it that Mammon is an obscure, hard to understand thing?

You know: “You can’t serve God and mammon” (Matthew 6:24)

What is mammon? It is the spontaneously organizing spirit of money having material and spiritual components. It is the spiritual component of money.

The nearest word to “mammon” in modern language is probably “luck”.

In the past I was led to frustration and despair by the fact that money behaved “magically” (not in the natural manner). I said: I’d only wish about money that they would follow natural laws, not behave magically.

Any honest reader of the Bible however can notice that God blesses believers. You cannot serve God and mammon. This means you cannot follow both Christ and that supernatural luck. These two are distinct and cannot be followed together. Reject luck and seek blessing of God.

And these words of Christ also mean the widely accepted thing: Don’t be greedy. You can be rich but don’t be greedy, use your money to help others.

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