I will tell you two stories about two girls with some magic power.

Once I saw a girl exactly like one I saw in the dream that night. I told her that I saw her in a night dream. She attempted to kiss me and I needed to tell her to stop and to tell that she is not beautiful in my sight and do not want to deal with her.

Once I talked with a girl and she decided that we are in love. She possessed a magic power (not only we Christians have the power to make miracles) and she caused us two to fly into the air, like as in animation movies a guy and a girl raise to the air in love. I asked she what is her religion (sadly I cannot remember the exact answer) and said her that she is not beautiful in my sight and requested to stop and to release me.

Why I told these two weird stories? It is to show examples of how spirits try to control our love.

It is to bring down the imagination that Christians should marry only following a certain God’s revelation. To have a revelation from God is good, but it does not happen always. I rather say that these “spirits of love” are not of Christian nature.

But what the Bible tells about this? (1Cor. 7:39) “but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord”. Who she will not who was revealed in a supernatural revelation to her.

So in love seek God’s just will like as in any endevour of our life, but it is subject of our will not necessarily of some supernatural kind of love. It is about our feelings and wills.

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