1. Hello! I am a new TV preacher. In this video we will get acquainted, I will tell about myself. Then we will seriously study the Bible. First about the New and later I think about Old Testament. I probably will also tell about my life, my spiritual journey. This is very edifying.
  2. I was born in 1980 in Perm, Russia. Now I live in Ashkelon, Israel.
  3. Before conversion to Christ, I was a madman and a maniacal killer. I forgot my name, unlearned to read, attacked people with a knife. This means that I was possessed by a daemon and my brain was damaged. Note that in a later preaching in this YouTube channel I am going to tell the relation between the brain and the soul. When I converted to Christ, my brain was in order in the same moment. You see that I can read and write again. I am also no more a maniacal killer.
  4. That I was a maniac, you should not be afraid of. I can again read and count, so I am cured.
  5. I am baptized by Holy Spirit and baptized by fire. Baptizing by fire is when to a man is coming a seraph and he receives the power of heavenly fire.
  6. I am a mathematician (however without a scientific degree). I made quite serious discoveries. But now I think, God wants me to become also a preacher. However, I have already written several Christian books.
  7. Once in a night dream I saw a city with 10 identical church buildings every for 20000 seats. And I was the main pastor of this church. The buildings were of the form of a sphere segment like an indoor stadium and looked like metallic such as aluminum. Then I saw myself inside one of the buildings, preaching. The most wonderful thing in this vision was that I preached 10 different sermons (in each of the 10 buildings) during a single day. I wonder how could I be able to make 10 different sermons in a single day.
  8. I do not know if it is a true revelation of the future or just a regular night dream. But it looks like a revelation because at that time I thought about nothing except of mathematics and computers. I didn’t think about a preaching ministry and so it is quite weird that I saw such a dream.
  9. Remembering this vision, I decided to become a TV preacher.
  10. Some years after that I got another similar prophecy (that I will be a great preacher, with giant audience and great money), but that last prophecy (which claimed that I will become a missionary in Tanzania) failed to conform in details to the reality and so I rejected it. I got that (wrong) prophecy from Hebrew Bible. I thought that if a passage in Bible is similar to some my thought then that thought must be true. I thought that assuming that Bible is God’s word to me and thus (as I thought) any my interpretation without particular errors (such as confusing masculine and feminine grammar forms) should be true. Now after that prophecy failed, I know that similarity (even in great details) is not enough. We need to interpret Bible exactly as written without guessing, and my interpretation may be wrong. I will preach about Bible interpretation topic, too.
  11. So subscribe to this video channel with my sermons. I promise, it will be very interesting.
  12. As such, come to my Web page, read my books (with serious revelations from Bible), subscribe to this video channel.
  13. Necessarily check your salvation. I tell how in my Web page.
  14. Also send donations. Note that I need to buy a new video camera for preaching (especially, preaching in Russian).

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